14 rules for fast web pages

Posted: May 16, 2007 in Code Drinks, Programming Tips

Rich Skrenta writes about a presentation given by Steve Souders of Yahoo :

Steve Souders of Yahoo’s “Exceptional Performance Team” gave an insanely great presentation at Web 2.0 about optimizing website performance by focusing on front end issues.

Rich has summarized the whole presentation (which he says is worth a book) into 14 rules for faster front end performance:

# Make fewer HTTP requests
# Use a CDN
# Add an Expires header
# Gzip components
# Put CSS at the top
# Move JS to the bottom
# Avoid CSS expressions
# Make JS and CSS external
# Reduce DNS lookups
# Minify JS
# Avoid redirects
# Remove duplicate scripts
# Turn off ETags
# Make AJAX cacheable and small

Download the complete presentation here


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