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Multiplatform Virus is here

Posted: June 12, 2007 in Boiling Water

I must admit, its a real hard work put in by the virus author of the Badbunny worm. This doesn’t mean that I support him, I just wished that he had put in this effort to make something that improves the lives of others.

Zdnet carries the complete story:

A new worm is being distributed within malicious OpenOffice documents. The worm can infect Windows, Linux and Mac OS X systems

Its interesting to see, one worm, written in different languages and behaving differently on different systems. On Microsoft Windows systems it uses JavaScript. On Apple Mac systems it uses Ruby and on Linux systems it uses PERL and PYTHON viruses.

Google your life

Posted: June 4, 2007 in Boiling Water, Google

I actually wrote this article long back in my blog in MSN spaces, but since I am not using that any more, I thought I would post this here as well.

Some of the articles related to Google that I had read sometime back had a lot speculation on what google is trying to achieve over the coming years. Apparently one of their top priorities for both Google and Microsoft is Software as a service and are going neck to neck with Microsoft on this.These companies are primarily focusing on how well users can organize data centrally and have access and search options to it. Google’s recent tie up Microsoft on the other hand wanted to come up with the desktop search tool before Google did and Mr. Gates wanted it to be a part of the revolutionary Longhorn Operating System. But un-organized code caused the project to be re-written and re-christened to Vista and the Desktop tool was dropped out of the first release plan and Google managed to come up with its own version way before Microsoft expected it. So in return Microsoft didn’t waste time in announcing Windows Live and Microsoft Office Live project which is actually the OS and the Office suite delivered over the web.

Google buying a lot of Fibre Optics is probably the most talked about and eye catching activity of Google and infact Gmail, Google search personalization, Open Office tie up and finally the fibre optics are all related. Google is building up large of data centers not only to hosted their huge servers but provide a some part of its bandwidth to end users (for free) which for Google is very small investment when compared to the amount of money they would be making later on. They have already started providing Internet at San Fransisco (I really don’t know whether its for free), but following is what I see as their roadmap

1) Provide quicker web based services like Gmail with huge storage space and release APIs so that it can be used as a remote hard drive (GmailFS APIs already released)

2) Localize search to desktop as well as to the community so that a user gets all the information that he needs at a single place (Google Local search and desktop tool)

3) Provide faster Internet access to end users to serve as base platform for their future applications driven by the web. This where all the fibre optics are needed

4) Revamp Open office to be delivered over the web so that they can answer Microsoft Office live at earliest. Some even talked about a GoogleOS coming up based on Linux.

However critics feel that eventually Google will have too much of information about every individual which they can very effectively use to monopolize the Internet and can probably be a threat to a user privacy. Anyways some people see Microsoft going down in the Internet age and Google appearing as the next Microsoft. with Sun Microsystems on Open Office is a part of that competition in which Google will market Open Office and Star office for Sun (as per their partnership disclosure) but infact Google is planning to re-write the existing heavier Open Office code to make it more lighter so that it can run efficiently on low end machine and can be effectively delivered over web in XML format.