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New GMail coming up

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Gmail, Google

Garett Rogers of Zdnet takes a sneak peak on the upcoming GMail 2.0 features after discovering that Google is testing a new version of Gmail.

Apart from some interesting translation related features, you will soon be able to see how many computers or browser sessions are currently in your account and their IP address. In addition to real-time account activity, you will be able to see past account activity too. Here are some of the snippets of text that will be used: “This account is currently being used in {number} other locations”, and “Last account activity: at IP [details]”.


Now scrap in hindi

Posted: September 24, 2007 in Google, orkut

Orkut never fails to surprise me every now and then. First its new and cleaner look got a warm welcome from its die hard disciples and now it has got something that got me jumping on my toes. Now Orkut lets you scrap in your local language. I don’t exactly remember, since when I have been using computers. But till now I haven’t used my national language yet on my PC. Obviously I don’t feel proud in telling that. Thanks to orkut, now I can communicate with my friends in a more comfortable way. And this is not all. The “Google Suggest” technology provides you a good suggestion on what you would like to type.

Thanks Orkut now I can use my own Hindi easily on my PC.

Orkut Hindi