Mukesh Ambani on him being “World’s Richest Man”

Posted: October 14, 2007 in Entrepreneur, Richest Man

Following is an extract on the topic from his AGM speech delivered on 12th Oct 2007 as posted by


Recently, there have been several reports in the media on my personal wealth.

Frankly, I am amused by these reports.

Because I have never thought of myself in these terms. Nor have I worked in any way for these epithets.

The money you accumulate merely gives you an opportunity to make a difference.

But only if we make use of it to create wealth for the nation and to look for a social return.

I measure my success by the value that I create for my shareholders and the assets that we, as a company, create for the nation as a whole.

My wealth and your wealth are inevitably linked to our growth.

If Reliance grows and India prospers, it matters little to me whether my personal fortunes are measured in billions or millions.

True wealth lies in what you give to society and to the country, the real assets that you build, the institutions you nurture and the contribution you make to all-round prosperity.

And how you empower young people.

I am proud of the human capital I have helped build.

Those thousands of young people who have made Reliance what it is today.

And who are raring to take India and Reliance to greater heights.

Finally, I believe true wealth consists of what we create for you, dear Shareowners.

This is what I would continue to strive for, through Reliance.

This is what I have learnt from Dhirubhai Ambani.

  1. Sandip Tiwari says:

    We all should be proud of this,as an Indian has became richest man in the world.This is just an step towards our country becoming the world leader one day.
    As i also happens to work for Reliance Petroleum,the news of Mukesh Ambani achieving this brings me pride & joy.

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