Stay in Sync with Gmail IMAP

Posted: October 29, 2007 in Gmail, Google

I would rather call this as a big step from Google to keep its users connected and in sync, when it announced support of IMAP to its Gmail users.  With its earlier POP support, staying in sync from other devices was an issue. But now with IMAP support, your messages and message status get automatically updated to your gmail inbox.

Gmail has announced support of its IMAP version to a majority of popular email clients as well as for mobile devices. Support for iPhone gets a special attention on the Gmail’s What’s new  section and Support Center.

The support of IMAP should be available under the “Settings” option of your Gmail account. But if you don’t see it yet, don’t fret, Google is rolling the support one by one to every one.

I really wonder on what would be the next step of Google to keep its Gmail users connected and in sync? I won’t be surprised if they add SyncML support to its calendar and e-mail to have a Push Mail effect.


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