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iPhone vs Windows Mobile

Posted: February 5, 2009 in iPhone, IT, Windows, Windows Mobile

Oh well just another iphone vs windows mobile post. I am sure you will find hundreds of posts like this in the Internet, still it doesn’t harm to add one more blog to that list. Ok so I had this HTC P3350 a Windows Mobile phone which I recently replaced with iphone. I won’t advocate one cell phone better over the other, however there are some notable differences between the two devices:


  1. User Interfaces: Without any doubt iPhone has the best user interface, a USP that makes most of the selling points for Apple. My HTC device on the other hand had a standard windows mobile look and feel, however I added the HTC Diamond theme on my P3350 to make is look more cool and attractive.
  2. Storage: A primary area where my HTC lagged way behind iPhone. P3350 comes with a flash hard drive of 128 MB and a storage card provision expandable upto 4 GB. iPhone on other hand has a 16 GB of storage (Phew !), the other variant has a 8 GB of storage.
  3. Camera: Both the devices has 2 Megapixel camera, however the photo clarity from iPhone is much better than that of HTC. You would need a good light condition to have a clearer picture from HTC. Both the devices lack flash, however I don’t see much need of a flash when you don’t want to substitute your camera with your cellphone.
  4. Response time: The most irritating part of the Windows mobile was the application response time. Depending on the applications you use and the last time you had done a soft reset on your cell phone, the Windows mobile based HTC phone had a bad performance. The device startup itself was slower and many time heavy applications like media hub used to crash. 
  5. Syncing: Both the devices performs really well when it comes to PIM syncing with your laptop. A combination of any one of the device with Vista makes it more perfect as all your contacts are synced with Vista contacts (without needing to have Outlook).
  6. Setting Up Exchange: Personally for me, setting up exchange has been a pain for me with iPhone. Though iPhone promises to be MS Exchange ready, I had a hard time setting it up for myself. Windows mobile with Active Sync on the other hand gave me all the pleasure of having email on the go with direct push. However both the devices support the direct push feature of exchange. iPhone supports auto discover feature for Exchange server, but unfortunately for me it didn’t work quite well.
  7. Other emails: Setting emails like Gmail and Yahoo on your Windows mobile devices needs you to have some knowledge about the respective server, but iPhone has an advantage over here. iPhone comes with pre-configured server settings for Gmail, Yahoo and AOL and getting started with your personal mails on iPhone, is extremely easy. Both the devices allows you to add other POP3 and IMAP4 servers.
  8. World Clock: Windows mobile lets you have two time zones configured on your device, so if you are like me, staying in US with family in India, you can see the time at a quick glance. However iPhone lets you maintain multiple world clocks, you check add multiple cities and check their times at a single glance, a feature you would need if you have clients all over the world.
  9. Internet Apps: No doubt, iPhone is not a standalone device. This device is for you if you are Internet savvy. It provides direct access to almost all of the Google & Yahoo based Internet applications like YouTube,  Stock markets, Weather etc. Apps like Google Maps and Weather are not there in Windows mobile by default but can be easily installed.
  10.   Playing Media: Windows mobile didn’t impress me much we it comes to playing media. The picture quality for video wasn’t that great and you need to have your headsets on to use the audio booster feature. Overall audio quality is however pretty good. iPhone on the other hand has inbuilt iPOD in it. Well after that, I think would be unfair to carry on this comparison. iPhone is undoubtedly the best when it comes to media files. The only missing part is the radio in iPhone, however that is something I can live with, especially after I have 16 GB at my disposal, I can be my own RJ.
  11.   Network: Both the devices are good when it comes to network. They support quad band, EDGE, GPRS & Wi-Fi. iPhone however didn’t impress me with bluetooth. I would just get it working as a bluetooth client but not as a bluetooth server, which means I was able to send a file from iPhone but I wasn’t able to receive it.
  12.   Browser: I had always preferred IE over Safari, however when it comes to mobile devices, Safari leaves IE way behind. Websites which doesn’t support mobile devices looks great on Safari in iPhone, however IE becomes slows when rendering them and badly distorts the websites. The best feature, I liked about Safari is that, after the page gets loaded on the mobile device, it zooms out to give you a complete view of the page and after that you can easily zoom in to specific sections of the page using expand action of fingers while touching the screen. It allows you to open multiple websites in different windows and easily switch between them, a feature which IE badly lacks on Windows Mobile. 


Well there are pretty good reasons why to go in for iPhone, however for me the primary reason was to have a single device for iPOD, phone and stay in touch with the world when I am on the move. iPhone is worth the money.

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