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Google has always been my favorite when it comes to searching content on the web. My programming career would have grinded to a halt by now without Google and I am sure that is a story that you will hear from every Internet savvy species around you. That’s the reason why they evening call searching the content on Internet as “Googling the Web”. Well but now the time has come when, the users need more than a search engine and that’s the reason why I am so excited about “Bing”. is Microsoft’s another attempt to increase its share in the “Internet Search” market. Oh, but wait, Microsoft doesn’t like to call “Bing” a search engine. They rather call it as a “Decision Engine”. I am sure they will soon patent this term as well. As per a press release on Microsoft’s web site, this new engine is primarily focused on user experience. 

In this video, Stefan Weitz, a director on the Microsoft Search team, discusses how Bing was developed around users’ needs, focusing on four key areas: speed, relevance, previews and multi-media.


As I see it, Microsoft looks to have put in a great deal of thought and hard work together in this attempt of leading the search race. My immediate catch for the moment is a nice and sweet name, “”. Personally I would prefer to go to a search engine whose URL is nice and small. Like or and not or The shorter the name, more easier it is to remember for a non techie user. Sure thats one thing Microsoft has taken in to account for this time.

From it’s first look, looks more or less like a e-shopper centric to me. Will it make my life easier in searching snippets of code? That’s something that we will see when goes live.