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The US government may have legalized Jail breaking the iPhone, but think twice before you jump on the bandwagon to jailbreak your iDevices powered by iOS 4 and above.  The new web-based jail breaking technique JailBreakMe 2.0  has some substantial security risks. The JailbreakMe 2.0 “Star” exploit tool for iOS 4 and iOS 4.01 devices – iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, allows malicious access to your phone, via websites.

Well before you really think that this jail break technique actually leaves a backdoor on your device, let me tell that’s not the case. What a jail break, really does is prevents you from getting the fixes and patches from Apple for security issues and loopholes already present in the device. To add to this, jail breaking allows scripts from websites to bypass the restrictions of the device and load malicious code to your iOS device allowing them access to your contacts in the address book, text messages, stored files, memos and what not! reports of a malicious exploit that has surfaced so far is a “PDF JailbreakMe Exploit,” that allows loading PDFs with malicious code without user prompt. However “PDF Loading Warner” has also been released, which attempts to plug this security hole.

The real issue with jail breaking the iOS 4 is that you will have to keep a track of these individual issues/exploits as they surface and might not even realize when your personal data on the device has been compromised. Also from my personal experience of jail breaking a 3.x device, I experienced a degrade in the performance of the device as well as in its reception capability.

So my advice, stay away from jail breaking as long as you can!