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Earlier TechCrunch reported of Google registering a slew of .com domain names related to music and clouds.  These domain names included,, GoogleSoprano and along with, and These domains were registered around the 1st week of April.

In another more recent development, Google has acquired PushLife a Toronto based mobile startup company for $25 M. The PushLife platform enables you to port your iTunes and Windows Media player libraries to non-Apple phones like Android and Blackberryand also lets you manage wallpapers, music, videos, ringtones and other media on your cell phone.

Clearly Google has made up its mind to move beyond search. In another development; YouTube, Google’s popular video platform announced on Friday that it is getting in live stream services (something similar to UStream). This will be available via

So is Google ready to barge in to the media world with full force? I think yes with

  1. A popular video platform supporting live events.
  2. A Google TV appliance
  3. An extremely successful advertisement business
  4. A successful mobile OS

With just a music service to fill in the void, Google would have all that one would need to dominate the media over the Internet.