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Getting Addicted

Posted: January 17, 2009 in IT, Linux, Windows

Well I have been a Linux guy all these time, even on the desktop, I preferred Fedora or SuSe but ever since I bought this new HP laptop with Windows Vista on it I think, I am getting addicted to it now. There are tons of things that I can do right from my laptop without even bothering to go to the website. I can easily keep my data in sync without any additional software install and even blog right from my applications. This whole bunch Windows Live software makes life more easier and more organized. Not that I am suddenly a Microsoft advocate now, but I must appreciate the good things you can do with Windows today. Definitely from a user experience perspective, Windows has become pretty much user centric now. I feel people like me and like minded folks out there should focus on bringing this simplicity and user centricity on Linux. This is the only way perhaps we can deliver the real computing to users at a lower cost.

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