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Indian RupeeĀ  joined the elite club after India showcased it’s economic prowess by launching an unique symbol for it ( ). The other currencies in the club being the Euro, US Dollar, Japanese Yen and British Pound Sterling. Indian computer manufactures have promised that the symbol will be incorporated in the keyboard layout within 3 months as soon as it is made standard, a Mangalore based company named Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd has already come up with a font supporting the symbol. The font is free to use and is available for free download from their blog. The instructions on how to use this font is pretty simple and detailed on their blog.

Foradian Url for font download :

Have fun!

The 3 level parking garage in my apartment property 300 Prospect Ave, Hackensack, NJ collapsed this morning. The incident happened in the parking area under the high rise tower building. I live in the mid rise tower but the parking there is accessible via the parking area of the high rise tower. I used live in the high rise tower till Jan this year and moved to the mid rise since. Here are some pictures from within the parking garage that I took from my iPhone, the view of the rubble and devastation. I sent these to News 12 NJ as well and they showed some of it on air as V-clips.

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